Bespoke Production

We are able to arrange special production of flat product within the following dimensions:

  • Plate, Forged Square Bar (MultiSpec): thickness from 5mm to 160mm, width from 20mm to 370mm, length from 500mm to 6500mm.
  • Sheet: thickness from 2mm to 5mm, width from 20mm to 450mm, length from 1500mm to 5000mm.
  • Forgings: Small to medium sized forgings can be quickly produced for our customers as required. Simply provide a drawing of the forged piece and our Engineers will develop the procedure to meet all your requirements
  • Wire: Grade 2 and Grade 5 welding wire drawn at our high volume German based production facility. Unique drawing technology developed by the Engineers at Hermith specifically to meet the demands of the growing additive manufacturing market.


We are able to provide cut-to-size pieces on Titanium product. Our site possesses fully hydraulic and automatic high performance band saw machines, each with a tolerance range of -1 mm to +2 mm. The saw blade moves parallel in the horizontal direction for cutting of round, square and flat Titanium.

We calculate cutting patterns using specialized software. This enables us to reduce the waste material, thus saving the customer money and eradicating any potential environmental implications.


We take special care when it comes to packing each customers Titanium. Before shipping, bars or cut-to-size material are carefully wrapped in polythene and placed into returnable wooden crates. Sheets and plates are also wrapped in polythene before being placed on a wooden pallet. Each order is labelled clearly.

All of our wooden packaging is locally produced. Besides the cost saving, it also meets the demands of an environmentally conscious industry.

Express Delivery

We understand that some customers require material within a matter of hours rather than days. We are working with some of Germany’s most reputable transportation companies in order to provide next day delivery service for customers in France, Germany and Italy. Please contact us for further details.

Normal Delivery

All European customers can expect free delivery when their order is over 500kg. For orders under 500kg, we are able to arrange transportation using one of our trusted logistic partners and we shall include the transport cost in the final invoice.

Our lead times are as follows:

  • Germany – 2 working days after Signed Order Confirmation
  • Rest of EU – 4 – 5 working days after Signed Order Confirmation
  • Outside of EU – 2 -3 weeks after Signed Order Confirmation


All Hermith materials are produced up to the requirements of our customers, therefore all certification issued by Hermith will be as required.

Technical Support

Hermith’s in-House Engineers are  directly responsible for all production matters to do with Hermith produced materials, and are excited to share their extensive knowledge about titanium alloys and their manufacture with you. With this knowledge, they are able to solve issues promptly and efficiently.

Material Storage

To cater for customers that are part of a long term agreement, we are able to store material in warehouse free of charge for up to one year.